Sainamhai Resort

International Ecolodges

  • Bungalow
  • Lao Baci Ceremony
    Lao Baci Ceremony
  • Boating the River
    Boating the River
  • Tad Namsanam & Tad Mouang
    Tad Namsanam & Tad Mouang
  • Resort Room
    Resort Room
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Location of the Sainamhai Resort

The Resort can be accessed from various points of entry into Laos from Thailand and Vietnam. Use the National Road 13 Bus line Lakxao, or you can take a more conventional bus from Thakhek (145 km 3 hours) or from Vientiane or Savanankhet (280 km, 6 hours) directly to Ban Nahin. For travelers coming from Vietnam, the bus that comes to Laos by Road 8 also stops in Ban Nahin. On arrival at Nahin, please call us at mobiles phone 2249 8989, 2222 2537, 0309062737 and we can collect you and provide you free transport to the resort. And of course it’s always possible to get Ban Nahin and Sainamhai Resort by motorcycles renting in Vientiane, Thakhek, Savannakhet or Pakse.